2 Awesome Workouts: Biking & Weight Training

There are a number of benefits of exercise, whether it’s an aerobic exercise, like biking, or an anaerobic exercise, like weight training. The best thing to do for both health and weight loss is to participate in both types of exercise each week, getting at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise most days of the week and at least two strength training sessions per week. Understanding the pros and cons of each type of exercise will help you prioritize which type you should do more often given your goals.

Benefits of Weight Trainingweight-training-for-crossfit-8

Weight training helps to increase not only the amount of muscle a person has, but also the strength of connective tissue and the density of the bones. This means that a person will be less likely to suffer from injuries while going about daily activities and less likely to develop osteoporosis as she gets older. Although most people think of cardio when they think of weight loss, lifting weights also increases weight loss. That’s because it takes more calories to maintain a pound of muscle than it does to maintain a pound of fat, so the more muscle a person has, the more calories they burn even when at rest. Just be careful and make sure to use the proper form and equipment, such as weight lifting gloves to help limit the risk of weights slipping out of your hands.

Benefits of Bike Riding


Professional cyclists like Gary Young know from experience that spending time bike riding helps improve cardiovascular fitness and limits the risk for heart problems, along with building muscle in the lower body. It burns a lot of calories, making it helpful for weight loss. While this isn’t the only choice for aerobic exercise, it does have some advantages. For example, it burns more calories than walking and is easier on the body than running, two other popular choices for those wishing to participate in aerobic exercise. Because it’s so easy on the body, people of any age can often bike ride. Bike riding is also one of the more fun methods for getting the benefits of exercise. Long bike rides will be more enjoyable, however, if you get outfitted with comfortable biking clothes, such as custom cycling jerseys.