Is KIPP abandoning the neediest kids?

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The Knowledge Is Power Program, the nation’s and the District’s most successful charter school network, has a new official name, KIPP, and a new approach to raising achievement for disadvantaged children.

In its first decade, the network – with 91 schools in 20 states and eight in Washington – focused on creating middle schools that started with fifth-graders two or three years below grade level and got them up to speed by eighth grade. Now it is opening elementary schools, including three here, so that it can start raising achievement in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

The thought is that by fifth grade there will be no need for hero teachers who work 10 hours a day, plus summers and some Saturdays, to save kids who have fallen behind. There will be less stress on staff and more hope for kids.

The move makes sense and conforms to a movement in many city school systems and charter networks to create K-8 schools that will give urban and rural children the consistent support and high standards found in many suburban schools.

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Association of Christian Schools International Visits NBC

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The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) assessment team visited Nazarene Bible College campus this week to evaluate our Christian School Education program. In order to continue our Bible College’s approval by ASCI, we must be re-approved every seven years. This rigorous approval process includes providing proof that we continue to meet the critical need for our students to be well-trained, biblically sound teachers, administrators, leaders, and more for the kingdom work they perform. Although re-approval is around the corner, the process leading up to this point has been a culmination of decades of innovation and improvement due to our school’s own commitment to exceeding expectations.

Accordingly, being approved by ACSI is something we take very seriously as it’s what allows us to provide nationally recognized higher education.

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Universal Vouchers In Sweden

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Since it’s National School Choice Week, I thought I would share some stories about educational choice here in Ohio and elsewhere.
I cam across this article that talks about Sweden’s universal voucher program.
In 1993, Sweden introduced a system of school choice and vouchers, inspired by the ideas of American economists Milton and Rose Friedman. Even though the system was just as controversial then as any U.S. voucher proposal, the right to chose your school and bring the funding with you is today considered a natural right for families and is widely accepted by all political parties.

Even Sweden’s Social Democratic Party supports the system and recently closed an internal debate on for-profit schools by deciding that there is no virtue in running schools at a loss: schools should be judged on their academic performance, not financial.

The reason for the Swedish voucher reform was both philosophical and practical. T

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Jenn Salling & Kaitlin Inglesby Video Interviews

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Check out some interviews at practice on Thursday with senior Jenn Salling and freshman Kaitlin Inglesby.


Theater performances dedicated to Avon student

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Avon — Kingsway Christian School is dedicating its theater performances this week to one of its crew members, a seventh-grader who died Tuesday.

Hunter Acton, 12, a member of the stage crew for the school’s production of “Annie Jr.,” died while en route from her home in Monrovia to Methodist Hospital. The cause of her death is still undetermined, according to the Marion County coroner.

Hunter was a member of the middle school’s drama team, which will present the musical at 7 p.m. today at the Kingsway campus, 7979 E. County Road 100 North, Avon.

The school is accepting donations for the Acton family in honor of Hunter. For more information on how to contribute, go to the school’s website at .