How to Extend the Life of All Household Appliances

Stainless Steel Appliances

Major appliances need some affection. Most kitchen appliance repairs are capable of extending the life of the appliance and saving the client money in the long run. Replacing the appliance is unwieldy, and requires a big expense right out the door. It is also wasteful. Most appliances can live upwards of a decade or more with a little care and attention.

Extending the Life of a Refrigerator

Most refrigerator repairs simply consist of a new hook-up. The minor parts are replaced out entirely, causing the system to function back at an optimal level. Individuals are capable of extending the life of their refrigerator by cleaning the seal. This is the main piece that keeps the cool air retained. Refrigerator coils can also get dirty. If this occurs, air through the system will be restricted. It can clog and slow down airflow, which is not energy-efficient or healthy for the refrigerator. The kick plate at the bottom of the fridge will contain many of the vital parts. They can be cleaned easily. Refrigerator appliance maintenance will likely consist of removing and replacing the colored wires within the kick plate.

Microwaves and Minor Appliances

Extending the Life of a DishwasherThe lifespan of minor appliances can also be extended. Many would think that only stoves, ovens, and refrigerators should be repaired. Even microwaves could use a bit of tender loving care through maintenance. It is obviously unproductive to get maintenance from a $20 microwave at the Wal-Mart. Frankly, these microwaves should not be bought anyway. Their lifespan is dismal. Any solid microwave will last about a decade if it was maintained about every 24 months. An appliance repair professional will typically replace any wires in the back that seem weak. The microwave repairs will also involve re-wiring. They will reconnect the hook-up and do a test run for performance.

Combine with Scheduled Regular Maintenance

This obviously increases their value when deciding rental rates. A landlord who has working appliances can receive a higher rent after doing kitchen appliance repairs. It will also extend the life of the appliance. These tactics, combined with the scheduled maintenance from appliance repair services, will extend the life of appliances. What would have cost $1,000 and a trip to best Buy or the local appliance shop, can now cost a fraction of the price and no time at all.