NNU Officially Teams up with NBC

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Nazarene Bible College offers our students the Christian education they need to prepare for successful ministry. Although NBC doesn’t provide masters programs, our ultimate goal has always been our students’ success. Therefore, we have been working in tandem with Northwest Nazarene University, an affiliation that instills confidence in the path made available to post graduate students at NBC. That being said, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (the regional accrediting agency for NNU) has approved a new master’s degree program to work in conjunction with the Christian Counseling Cohort program and NNU as our students complete their NBC degree.

This collaborative agreement lets our NBC students in the Christian Counseling Cohort enroll in 16 semester hours of Master in Arts level work from NNU that can be taken during a regular trimester and count towards their NBC degree requirements. The most functionally appealing thing about this option is that our campus students can take their necessary course work right here at our Colorado Springs campus, while working on the further required aspects of their future Master in Science degree conveniently online. Afterwards, when a participating Christian Counseling major graduates from NBC, those 16 credit hours will have counted towards not only their NBC degree but their 60-hour MS degree program from NNU as well.

Through this partnership, our NBC Christian counseling graduates will be able to transition to this master’s programs much more efficiently as they take on the brand new adventure. Earning an MS in Clinical Counseling through the fantastic hybrid program of working online, participating in campus sessions, and an intensive during summertime at our beautiful Colorado Springs campus won’t feel too far from home as NBC will still be very much a part of the process. This collaboration is such an extraordinary achievement for NBC, but let us not overlook where the credit is due, and acknowledge that this would not have been possible without the years of work and time spent by Dr. Terry Lambright and the Christian Counseling program. So let us recognize Dr. Lambright and his team for making this all happen and providing NBC students with another highly purposeful means to a future of success.

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